UAE Company Incorporation

Company Incorporation in Dubai

With its ambitious growth approach, lucrative business offerings, non-restrictive government regulations and strategic positioning between the eastern and the western world, Dubai is one of the largest Emirates that has emerged as a global city and business hub of the UAE. Offshore company incorporation has always been encouraged in Dubai. The current market scenarios and trends offer a host of opportunities to international investors to step into the Dubai trade market and conduct business activities and enhance the economy of the UAE.

Just like other corporate hubs of the world, Dubai also has its own rules and regulations to be followed for establishing a business. And if you are wondering about how to sail through the company incorporation process, then we at Aon Management Consulting are always there to assist you.

Aon Management Consulting is one of the leading consultancies in Dubai that offers end-to-end company incorporation services. We house a team of experts who have abundant expertise in company incorporation in Dubai, and can help you with all the necessary planning, documentation work, obtaining of professional licenses and other formation formalities.

Procedure for Incorporation of company in Dubai

In order to establish a business in Dubai, you must follow the below mentioned procedure:-

  1. Select a business activity- As per Department of Economic Development (DED), there are over 2000 business activities available in Dubai to choose from. Select the one you wish to undertake.
  2. Select a legal form-There are different types of company structures in Dubai, each one with different ownership rules and regulations. Choose a legal form in accordance with your business activity.
  3. Choose a trade name-Give your business a name. There are strict rules regarding trade names in Dubai. Failure to comply to these rules can attract hefty fines.
  4. Submit an application for Initial Approval Certificate This Certificate is a no objection document from the Government of Dubai. Once you receive an Initial Approval Certificate, you can proceed further.
  5. Prepare MoADepending upon your business type, you need to carefully draft a Memorandum of Association (MoA) prepared from a legal firm. It should also be signed by all the partners of the firm.
  6. Decide on a business location- All businesses in Dubai must have a physical location. Keep in mind your business activities before finalizing a location.
  7. Get licensing approvedMany business types require special licensing approvals. Select a license that matches your business activity and get an approval from the authorized department.
  8. Obtaining other legal documents-Apart from trade licenses, you must also obtain a Certificate of Incorporation, Share Certificates and Tenancy Agreement.
  9. Recruit Workforce-Depending upon your business type, select and recruit human resources to carry out your business activities.

Documents needed for Company Incorporation in Dubai

Here is a list of documents you will require for company incorporation in Dubai.

  • A copy of Passport (visa page copy, if applicable).
  • Residential address proof (e.g. utility bill copy, etc).
  • Business plan summary (if applicable).
  • Copies of parent company documents to be notarized and attested in case applying as a branch or a subsidiary.
  • No Objection Certificate from the sponsor in case holding a valid UAE visa
  • Certain business activities may have additional requirements such as third party approvals from regulating authorities, etc.

In addition to the above mentioned documents, the DED (Department of Economic Development) may ask you to furnish other documents depending on the type of business you plan to set up in Dubai.

Benefits of Company Incorporation in Dubai

Dubai offers a host of benefits to businesses. These include:-

  • Strategic location between Asia, Africa and Europe
  • Competitive import duties – 5% with many exemptions
  • Highest per capita income in the world
  • No foreign exchange control, trade barriers or quota
  • 100% repartition of capital and profits
  • No Income tax, Corporate tax and Withholding tax
  • Mixed population and workforce from all over the world
  • stable currency
  • Competitive freight charges, real estate costs.
  • Presence of excellent transportation services – biggest airports and seaports of the world
  • State-of-the-art telecommunication system, infrastructure and transparency of business regulations. Read more benefits here

At Aon, we strive each day to give you a comprehensive business setup support which includes strategic business solutions for management issues, outlining of new business plans, loan application processing, auditing policies, cash flow needs, cost control, and even personal staffing requirements.

UAE Offshore Company Formation Services

Aon is a premier UAE offshore company formation service provider in the United Arab
Emirates. Our forte lies in offering the best offshore company formation services in the UAE
at the most affordable cost. The spectrum of services we offer covers all facets of running a
business in the UAE, starting from company establishment to providing support for smooth
operation and maintenance of the company.

Setting up an offshore company in the UAE offers unlimited possibilities for international
entrepreneurs and investors. UAE offshore company formation is an excellent option for
individuals looking for an offshore location to establish their business.

Partner with Aon to establish your business in the most prosperous country in the Middle
East, and the fastest growing economy in the world: The United Arab Emirates.

Get in touch with the experts today and make your presence felt in the global market!

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