What if I want to take a place in Dubai for Business?

There are many agencies that provide the complete information on the office space, either you can go with the office space or with the warehousing later you can make your warehouse as your business place if the business is into import and export.

How about the rent and accommodation in Dubai?

Rental depends on the locality and buildings. The normal rent applicable in Dubai is on an average of AED 40 -60 per sq. per annum.

What all are the bank formalities to be performed for opening of the bank account?

Initially to open a bank account for your business entity you need to submit residence permit for living in UAE, passport copy, visa copy, proof of home address (utility bill). For corporate bank account opening, the valid license copies are necessary.

Is it necessary to have an office in Dubai , when I want only a company?

Yes it is necessary that the company in UAE cannot be registered without the physical presence of the office. The office should be owned or rented by you, either it is in free zone or in any part of UAE. However, there are some virtual office facilities provided by some of the free zones.

Do we need any local sponsor or a local agent?

Yes, local sponsorwill not be involving in the business but will be eligible for all the procedures related to the government in obtaining the visas, trade licenses etc.

Are there any possibility of getting the Trade Name rejected ?

The trade name should not be the same with the other business entity.

What are the documents required for setting up of the business?

What are the documents required for setting up of the business?

  • Passport copy
  • Business plan

How to start a business in UAE ?

How to start a business in UAE ?

Once the business plan is approved by the DED, the further procedure starts with the registering of the trade name again it depends upon the free zone authority and every authority has its different application process.

What are the different kind of common business structures in UAE?

Business setup in UAE

  • You control your own destiny
  • You can be the part of the global team members
  • Pride in building something of your own
  • Create a prestigious brand

Dubai mainland LLC COMPANY

  • 100%Tax free status
  • High level of administrative support
  • International banking
  • 100% foreign Ownership
  • Modern efficient communication facilities

Free zone company

  • Business friendly legal framework
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • No personal income tax
  • No currency restriction
  • 100% repatriation of profit and capital

Off shore company

  • Tax saving or deferral
  • Increased privacy
  • Less bureaucracy
  • Political stability
  • Security of property rights
  • No restrictions on local and international bank accounts