Business Process Outsourcing

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Business Process Outsourcing

Strategically outsourcing a specific part of your business function such as payroll, customer care, etc. to a third party service provider is what is defined as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). BPO is an ROI driven solution as outsourcing process allows organizations to minimize their variable operation cost and only pay for the services availed.

BPOs cover a raft of business-related activities, the major ones of which include client management, customer relation management, research and analysis and services quality management. While these may be simply referred to as an extended arm of an organization, BPOs help companies retain every loyal customer and offer them timely assistance and services.

BPOs are generally categorized as back office outsourcing units which take care of internal business functions such as purchasing, billing, etc., and front office outsourcing units which take care of activities such as tech support, marketing, etc.

Outsourcing to a BPO

Setting an outsourcing company in Dubai involves huge investment which includes office space rentals, supervisors, management salaries, agents as well as bonus, premiums, incentives and much more. Further, managing customer relations is a cumbersome job and is likely to shift focus from core business operations to lesser important functions. By outsourcing your BPO services, companies can run their operations in more effective and efficient manner.

At Aon Management Consultants, a leading outsourcing company in Dubai, we understand that the core competency of your company is very different from mere customer call centre management and therefore, bring forth business process outsourcing services at your doorstep. We are backed by a team of knowledgeable industrial professionals with years of experience in the field to manage and deliver top notch BPO services, no matter if it is the Service Industry, Banking or Financial Services, Payroll Outsourcing services or Human Resource Outsourcing and more.

Advantages of outsourcing to Aon

As a paramount outsourcing company in Dubai, we offer the following advantages to our clients:-

    • Improved Productivity

Typically executives spend a great amount of time in managing details with less time left for formulating strategies. Aon’s BPOs, here, save time and help executives to explore new revenue areas and focus on other important projects in hand. This leads to improvement in the productivity of your company.

    • Optimum Resource utilization

By outsourcing to Aon, you can put your scarce resources to optimum utilization and capture new efficiencies. Availability of skilled employees and adoption of sophisticated technologies helps increase productivity and employ resources in a better manner.

    • Cost Saving

Not only Aon’s BPOs help in reducing cost but also helps increase productivity and significantly raise revenue. Cost saving is possible through reengineering, process improvements and use of technologies that reduce administrative and other costs.

    • Improved Human Resource:

We, at Aon Management Consultants, house expert employees that help you achieve your goals effectively and efficiently at the most budgeted prices. We own the know-how and experience to liaise cordially with the users/customers without compromising on the values, core competence and mission of your organization. Additionally, we keep our staff highly interactive so that you do not lose your precious customers due to lack of information or any kind of communication gap.

In essence, right from inception and incubation to execution and achieving process excellence, we make sure that your customers are spoken to like they were our own, and their issues and queries responded to as well as resolved in the most professional manner.

So get in touch with us today for you BPO outsourcing needs. Contact us TODAY!

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