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AON management consultants provide their comprehensive services to all of the international companies, and most of our clients are from the United Kingdom, United States and other European countries. The professional services provided by the AON management consultants are company incorporation, book keeping, project reports, the feasibility reports and all the other services that are related to the management consultancy.

Committed to provide exceptional services to our entire international clientele, AON management consultants have a strong team of qualified and experienced team of experts. For the wide range of services that we provide, most of our professionals are qualified and some of them are semi qualified in the area of chartered accountant and the company secretaries.

For all our international clients we are focused on providing high quality services in the areas like:

  • Company incorporations in UAE
  • Book keeping services
  • Auditing & assurance services
  • Payroll outsourcing services
  • Organizational re-structuring services
  • Project reports and feasibility reports
  • HR recruitment

Advantages of Dubai

  • 100% ownership
  • 100% profit repatriation
  • 100% tax free
  • Easy access to world class hotels
  • Easy access to international airports
  • Quality roads and public transportation
  • Free business environment
  • Easy import – export procedure

The global services AON management consultants provide are unique as our goal is to attain perfection in all the process that we handle. Currently we have our office in the UAE but we provide our services to all the international countries. From the time we started the venture of management consultant services till now we have seen an immense growth in our clientele. Mostly of our clients are from the US, UK and the European countries. However, there are also many other international countries where AON management consultants extend their expert services.

Our team our experts are always updated with the current market trends and the policies in the global market. Our professionals have international exposure and experience in handling the management consulting tasks for the international companies.

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