Audit Services in Dubai

The audit services ensure that your company is compliant with the set regulations, standards for financial reporting, rules, contracts, regulations and various grants.

We AON management consultants provide our audit services to our clients from across the globe, and most of our clients are from the US and UK. In this business environment today the management from the company wants the skills of the internal auditors so that the audit can take place in an efficient manner. The experienced internal auditors working with us are equipped to answer your queries like:

Is your existing accounting system capable to track the expenditure by category, project, class, the nature of work and the project?

Is there a chance of fraud and what are the risks involved?

Is your accounting system capable to record the financial transactions in an accurate and a prompt way?

Is the existing accounting system capable enough to compare the actual budget with the expenditure?

Are all the assets in your company safe and are protected from any misuse?

The methods that you use are

We try and identify the key controls in the process, procedures and the operation in your company

We analyze the important process, procedures and also the main operations of your business

We test the compliance of the sample transactions against the controls

We recommend the stronger controls wherever it is necessary

We suggest the tried and tested methods to improve your compliance with the keywords

We make sure to follow up on all the recommendations that we had made and see what the progress on it is.

 Risk management and IT Systems audit

Most of the companies across the globe are relying on the IT systems for their business. The advent of technology has given many opportunities for the businesses to make use of technology to the fullest extent. This is the reason why most of the company invests a lot of money so that their business process can be fast and reliable. Businesses believe that many gadgets and IT tools are what would help them to find success.

However, the truth is that all the IT systems in an organization needs proper audit services in order to ensure that these are protected and are providing the expected results to the organization. The audits ensure that the overall growth of an organization is taken care of and is taken to a certain level.

AON management consultants have a team of well experienced and certified internal auditors to conduct the audit services in your property and also to help the auditors in your organization with the professional advice and suggestions to help your organization grow.

Providing efficient services

With the audit services our goal is to improve the business functionality of your business and to ensure that your organization is following all the local rules and regulations to be on the safer side. Our teams of auditors have global exposure and are experienced to implement the international standards to many organizations from across the globe.

We first work with our clients to understand the crucial departments in their organizations and once we identify the risk zones, we provide them with the audit services and also suggestions that help them improve aspects in their business. The chartered accountants working with us are all experienced in this field and provide essential guidance for the success of the company.

We make sure that our clients do not only get the services for the current issues they are facing in their organization but we also ensure that the future problems are also considered and a reliable solution is provided to them.

AON has a full range of accounts and audit services to meet your business needs. We are registered auditors under the Ministry of Commerce, UAE that enable us to carry out the audits under the Commercial Company Law and under regulatory requirements. Our audit and assurance services include.


Our services are guaranteed to give you accurate results, no matter what your payroll requirements are. Our solution can adapt to various scenarios, irrespective of whether your organization has 2 employees or 2000, whether your payroll  is easy or complex, whether you operate in one or multiple locations.

HR & Organisational Consulting

AON offers customized services to suit every unique HR and recruitment need. We deliver professional and quality service to our clients that enable our clients to achieve better performance. Our services are based on an enduring relation with our clients and candidates thus delivering value services as customer satisfaction is indispensable to us.

Business Valuation

Business valuations are needed for a variety of reasons including financial reporting, purchasing & selling of a business, mergers, buy/sell agreements, divestiture and spin-offs, corporate carve-outs, corporate re-organizations, stock options and incentives, collateral values for loans, succession planning and more.

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