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Dubai offers excellent options for trade and commerce and has emerged as the fastest growing emirate in the UAE. Two different types of companies can be set up in Dubai – Free zone Company  and Offshore Company . Each type of company requires different legal procedures for company registration in Dubai, and offers different benefits.

Business Registration in Dubai

If you are planning to expand your business to one of the free zones of Dubai then you must be familiar with the process of business registration in Dubai. Rules and regulations for company registration in Dubai are different for each free zone. So before you consider establishing your business in Dubai, you should select a free zone first. Besides, entrepreneurs planning to set up their business in Dubai free zone are required follow certain legal procedures and obtain a Dubai business license to complete company registration in Dubai.

Dubai business registration can be a tricky task for anyone who is new to the place. To ensure that the process of business registration in Dubai is quick, easy and simplified you can consider hiring a Dubai business registration consultant . Aon Dubai offers professional services for business registration in Dubai that are customized to your business activity and free zone location.

How to Register a Business in Dubai

Dubai has always welcomed foreign investment and continues to do so, which is why the procedures involved to register a business in Dubai are much more liberal with fewer limitations. If you are looking to register a business in Dubai, you must have a good knowledge about the region and the process to register a business. You must have a business plan in mind and also the knowledge about the market conditions, the competition and the results you are looking to achieve. Also, you must have access to the required capital from your own resources or through your bank.

The steps involved to register a business in Dubai are:

1. Select a business activity:

You have over 2,000 business activities to choose from to register a business in Dubai.

2. Select a business legal type:

Legal form is the type of business that one can establish within Dubai. When you register a company in Dubai, select a legal form for it keeping in mind your business type, business activity, the number and the nationality of owners as well as the ownership options.

3. Select a business trade name:

There are general trade name guidelines which you must obey while choosing a name for your business or company when you register a business in Dubai.

4. Apply for an initial approval certificate:

5. It is like a No Objection Certificate which says that the Dubai Government has no objection to you starting a business.

6. If required for your business type, prepare a memorandum of Association (MOA) and the local service agent agreement

7. Choose the location for your business

When you are done with the above procedures, you will have to submit all the documents to the DED counters. After processing, the DED issues the business license.

To ensure that your business registration process is quick and streamlined you can opt for Aon Dubai’s services to register a business in Dubai.

Dubai Company Registry

To register a company in Dubai, one must have a Business (Trade) License in Dubai. There are a number of Dubai company registry and registrars that offer this license to those looking to register a company in Dubai. The category of a business determines the Trade License and the permissions required from the requisite agencies and government ministries.

To register a company in Dubai, you might require special clearance and license. For example, hospitals, financial services, printing and publishing, and food trading requires more clearances than a general trading business. The Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai is the government agency or the Dubai company registry that issues the licenses to register a company in Dubai. This department operates from several locations in the UAE providing the licensing services.

Company Registration Service in Dubai

Establishing your business in the world-famous emirate of UAE, Dubai, is a fruitful business decision. Owing to Dubai’s steady economy and excellent business potential, entrepreneurs are attracted to register a company in Dubai. While registering a company in Dubai you will be need to have a proper knowledge of the business prospects as well as the legal procedures involved in company registration in Dubai . However simple it may seem, certain procedures cannot be completed without the help of a professional. Consider opting for a reputed company registration service in Dubai. Business set up consultants possess the industry knowledge and experience to offer expert company registration service in Dubai. Consultants will be your best bet when you consider registering a company in Dubai.

If you are looking to register a company in Dubai, then Aon Dubai can provide you with comprehensive and tailored company registration services in Dubai that fit your budget. We help you realize your dream of establishing your business in Dubai and also help you explore the best possibilities of registering a company in Dubai. Having years of experience in offering company registration services in Dubai, Aon Dubai has an impeccable track record of providing excellent end-to-end solutions to numerous businesses across the globe.

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