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Offshore company formation, UAE

The benefits of UAE offshore company formation

Although tax effectiveness is the most important advantage of setting up an offshore company, there are a number of other benefits as well. These benefits include:

Minimization of taxes


Reduced administration

Asset protection

Lower setup and maintenance costs

Lower capital requirement

As mentioned, there are a number of advantages involved when it comes to setting up an offshore company in Dubai. In fact, UAE has always attracted entrepreneurs for its tax free business territory status, confidentiality, operations, and the ease that comes into the running of the business, hence making the offshore company setup in Dubai one of the most popular ways of business. Whether your company is a multinational firm or a small business, the excellent and efficient business environment along with the strategic location of the Dubai offshore companies lets you enjoy the benefit of tax relaxations regardless of the size of your company. The advantages of offshore company formation, Dubai are as follows:

Completely tax free and customs duty free

Full ownership, no local national involvement required

Complete repatriation of profits and investments

Thorough confidentiality

Ideal for any kind of international business

No office space requirements

Liberal bank account opening and maintaining

Bank accounts that support multiple currencies

Quick incorporation – 2-3 working days

Besides all the advantages that have already been mentioned, one of the most important benefits of setting up offshore companies in Dubai is that the country offers businesses the freedom to run their operations with its well- known jurisdictions system which is a relief in the process. This helps you avoid the tedious process of documentation that one has to go through in Ministries of Foreign Affairs and embassies.

Why choose offshore consultancy services

When you set up an offshore company in Dubai, you can be assured that the country will provide you with a business climate that is very favorable to entrepreneurs and is also conducive to growth. However, before you may jump in the fray and goes for offshore company formation in Dubai, there are of course a few factors that you must consider. Setting up an offshore company, be it in the UAE or in any other part of the world, significantly depends on the rules & regulations and the culture prevailing in the region. It becomes of prime importance for businesses to be able to identify, understand, and consequently deal with all the possible issues that could plague their Dubai offshore company formations. Setting up a business in a new country needs thorough research about the business environment of a particular country and subsequent planning to set up the business.
This is where offshore company formation services can help you with your offshore company setup in Dubai.

What Aon Dubai offers

AON Management Consultancy offers one of the best offshore consultancy services, Dubai. With a knowledgeable staff dedicated to provide customers with the best possible services, AON assures the provision of comprehensive solutions in helping you set up offshore companies, Dubai. Available through all modes of communication, our team is there to guide you through all the steps of your Dubai offshore company formation.

Our Services

AON management provides businesses with all professional services related to each and every step that is taken in the process of the formation of an offshore company in Dubai. Once entrusted with this task, AON management ensures that not only are all the regulations are well complied with, but also that the entire process is carried out smoothly and efficiently, and that too without any hiccups. Services by Aon Management Consultancy include:

Facility of Registered Office with PO Box in Dubai.

Acting as your Registered agent in Dubai

Getting Memorandum and Articles of Association prepared

Preparation of registration forms

Incorporation certificate

Assistance in Opening multi-currency bank account in Dubai

Registrar of Companies filing

License renewal

Local rules do not apply on the governance of offshore companies. They are instead governed by international law. This ensures that your assets as a business are offered full protection with no taxation and money repatriation. All these and more are what make offshore companies the best suggested method for all international business.

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